Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Timing of it all

Here's my finished self-portrait. I'm quite happy with it, with an exception for the eye on the left (my right eye), something about it just bugs me.

I'm finding the timing of this drawing funny. I've looked like this for almost two years. Long, crazy hair, it's been somewhat of my trademark since mid junior year (of high school). But in the middle of the drawing, heck I wasn't even in the middle of it yet, I just cut my hair off. I have short hair. Short hair. It's weird, I still don't recognize myself in the mirror. So to be finishing this self portrait and not even look like that anymore is just slightly amusing to me. I see this drawing as farewell to my long hair, and a partial farewell to the me from the last two-three years. Not that I don't like who I was, I just feel the need for a change, adventure is calling me.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Due Tomorrow At 10 AM

A bad scan of the image I'm using as a rough guide. No mirrors for me, too lazy, plus Kell (my professor) set up all the portraits and took them for everyone so he's the one that said to use the picture and not a mirror.

It looked like this last week, and the second image is what it looks like as I'm writing this. Obviously, it's not done and I have a lot of work to do before I turn it in, but I need a break.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

She Lives With An Orange Tree

This was a project for my electronic imaging class. Our assignment was to take a song and create one version that was mainly image based and one that was more focused on the text. I did the song Dogs by Damien Rice. I'm new to photoshop and this was our first real project in the class. The images look pretty simple, especially the second one (there's a good 20-30 layers on that one and it just looks like one image) but there was still a lot of work in them. Anyways, the first one was the image based version and the second was the text.

I Should Be Working On My Drawing Final Right Now

These are both from my Drawing II class (figure drawing) They're both from the start of this semester so they're a few months old. All of my actual figure drawings are still in the classroom waiting to be turned in for our final portfolio, but I'll post some of them once I get them.This is a copy of a drawing of Moses' arm for a sculpture that was made of him. I forgot who the artist was that did it. It was the first thing we did in class.
We had a couple of drawings to do outside of class over the semester, all of them were of the hand. I did it late the night before it was due so by the time I got this far it was very late and I was too tired to care to make all of the shading lines disappear, but I still rather liked it anyway.