Monday, April 28, 2008

Due Tomorrow At 10 AM

A bad scan of the image I'm using as a rough guide. No mirrors for me, too lazy, plus Kell (my professor) set up all the portraits and took them for everyone so he's the one that said to use the picture and not a mirror.

It looked like this last week, and the second image is what it looks like as I'm writing this. Obviously, it's not done and I have a lot of work to do before I turn it in, but I need a break.


Cadet Tom said...

the mugshot itself has a sort of smoky stark appeal from the beginning. some pretty tricky lighting going on.

isn't it amazing how things do pull together, slowly, though surely? you must've gotten a shot before you turned it in, right? i'd love to see the final product.

what were you using, charcoal?

Cadet Kristy said...

yes, i just finished it about an hour ago and i haven't loaded the picture onto my computer yet, but i will tomorrow. and yes to charcoal.