Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Should Be Working On My Drawing Final Right Now

These are both from my Drawing II class (figure drawing) They're both from the start of this semester so they're a few months old. All of my actual figure drawings are still in the classroom waiting to be turned in for our final portfolio, but I'll post some of them once I get them.This is a copy of a drawing of Moses' arm for a sculpture that was made of him. I forgot who the artist was that did it. It was the first thing we did in class.
We had a couple of drawings to do outside of class over the semester, all of them were of the hand. I did it late the night before it was due so by the time I got this far it was very late and I was too tired to care to make all of the shading lines disappear, but I still rather liked it anyway.


morgiepoo said...

Dayum! You surely have as much gorgeous talent as ever! The arm is especially the shit.

admiral alanna said...

yeah, i second that. these are amazing!!!

Cadet Tom said...

the arm is amazing. the vein in the hand is particularly... pops out. wonderful.

i always wished i could draw like that, but we all have our own things and our own place, it would seem!