Sunday, April 20, 2008

She Lives With An Orange Tree

This was a project for my electronic imaging class. Our assignment was to take a song and create one version that was mainly image based and one that was more focused on the text. I did the song Dogs by Damien Rice. I'm new to photoshop and this was our first real project in the class. The images look pretty simple, especially the second one (there's a good 20-30 layers on that one and it just looks like one image) but there was still a lot of work in them. Anyways, the first one was the image based version and the second was the text.


morgiepoo said...

Well dang, I like the first one better. Maybe because I am such an image based person. I want all that girl's clothings too. I didn't know you could take a class in CD cover looking stuff. Cooool, kristy! Art is lamo without your love.

Cadet Kristy said...

Dear Morgan,
I like that one best too. It's a photoshop class. I love her clothes and the stained glass thing and the hanging crystal things. I kind of just want to be her. College art classes are fun but nothing compares to Berlin's room. There's no more art pow wows were we all work on some weird goofy drawing, no more phootoshoots in the middle of class and no more random dance sessions (except for in Kell's class, he sometimes makes us dance but it's usually stand in a circle and dance crap and no one does it, but I know if you were here with me you would dance in the circle with me.) I miss you, I talked to Jordan earlier today and we have agreed, we must have an art party soon.

admiral alanna said...

i also love the hanging crystal things and the stained glass thing and it makes me go "woahhhh where does Outside stop and Inside start?!" and blows my mind. there should be more discussion on this subject.
also, the second image is gorgeous. very nice work!

Cadet Tom said...

these *are* gorgeous, and they give me such a warm comfy feeling. the colors are wonderful. they really do create a feeling, you know?, which a lot of art does not. i like it.